Kitesurf – Windsurf – Surf en Venezuela

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Windsurfer with modern gear El Yaque bay Windsurfer at Playa el Yaque Kitesurfing in Isla de Coche

Venezuela is one of the best Wind- and Kitesurf destinations in the world. Especially Margarita Island’s Playa El Yaque, Coche Island and Los Roques National Park with its crystal clear water.

El Yaque - Allround Zone

Playa El Yaque in the south of Isla Margarita offers delicious all year surf experience, no matter whether you are a skilled master or beginner.

North-east trade winds (Nov-Jan: 5 Beaufort, 17-21 knot; Feb-May: 6 to 8 Beaufort, 22-40 knot) will push you out of your bed in one of the hotels at the beach onto your board. Small waves invite for jumps and loops into the carribean sky.

The surf spot is divided into zones for windsurf and kitesurf. Kitesurfers reach the bay located at 2.5 km luv of the windsurfers with shuttle boats.

Isla Coche - High Speed Zone

From El Yaque on Isla Margarita you can reach Isla Coche - which is located just 6 km in the south - by speed boat. This small island offers ideal conditions for skilled wind- and kitesurfers. The surface of the sea is like a mirror, the shallow water is warm, the wind ist steady and strong.

Isla Coche offers no possibility for rental of kitesurf equipment, so you should bring your own equipment for your daytrip to this marvellous surf spot.

Los Roques - Kitesurfing in a Marine Park

Los Roques

Stunning aqua marine waters, powder white sands, deserted beaches and steady, although not very intense, wind. Los Roques is not a high wind destination like Margarita, instead offering a much more interesting and varied experience.
The wind blows with average 18 knots consistently year round.

Playa Parguito - Surfing on ocean waves

This 1000 m long surfbeach located in the northeast of Isla Margarita offers beach breaking oceanic waves for beginners and experts, especially for bodyboard surfers. Courses are held by surf champion Colin Saunders and his team.

Vacaciones de surf en Venezuela

Podemos ofrecer diferentes paquetes que incluyen alojamiento y alquiler de equipos de surf.

Los precios actuales de la demanda

Kitesurf en Isla Margarita

Kitesurf principiantes Curso (El Yaque/Isla Coche)

3 días, 6 horas, incl. equipo 390 US$
5 días, 10 horas, incl. equipo 545 US$
todos los precios son negociables

Kitesurf en Los Roques

Curso Kitesurf para principiantes

3 días, 6 horas, incl. equipo 470 US$
5 días, 10 horas, incl. equipo 650 US$
todos los precios son negociables

Windsurf en la Isla de Margarita

Windsurf Principiantes Curso (El Yaque/Isla Coche)

Incl. equipo 25 US$/hour
todos los precios son negociables

Surf en la Isla de Margarita

Principiantes Surf Curso (Playa Parguito)

3 días, 6 horas, incl. equipo 135 US$
5 días, 10 horas, incl. equipo 195 US$

Cursos incluyen 2 extra horas gratis el uso de tabla por día.
Alquiler de tablas sin curso posible.

todos los precios son negociables