9 days trek: Auyán

This tour starting in Ciudad Bolívar will bring you to the indian village Kavac in the Canaima National Park, from where your trek through the Gran Sabana to the top of the Auyán-tepui starts. The daily trips, compared to Roraima, are 2 to 3 hours longer but you will be rewarded with one of the most impressive countrysides. Everything is a little bit bigger and greater compared to Roraima. Reaching the starting point is only possible by plane making the tour more expensive. The ascent is more difficult, demanding greater stamina and sureness of step.

Map of Auyan-tepui Small airplane before takeoff to Canaima Auyan-tepui viewed from Campo Uruyen Plateau of Auyan-tepui Rocks on Auyan-tepui Heliamphora minor on Auyan-tepui

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Ciudad Bolívar – Kavac

Flight departs in the morning from Ciudad Bolívar above the Angel Fall to the small Indian village of Kavac which Indian rotundas (Churuatas) are settled in a picturesque way in front of the dark, rugged rocks of the Auyan-Tepui. In the afternoon we wander into the Kavac-ravine having to swim the last part to get to the waterfall which waters fall in a great din into the grotto. Overnight stay in the village in a Churuata in hammocks.

(- / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 2: Kavac – Guarayaca

Early in the morning we are heading to Auyán-tepui hike (6 hours in the whole) from river to river. There is the possibility to go swimming and to refresh yourselves. Our way leads us through small Indian settlements. We pass the Okono-river and overcome the slope to the Campo Gurayaca. Here we pitch our camp besides a river.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 3: Ascent

At first hiking (today for 7 hours) across the savannah and then through dense jungle surrounding the Auyán-tepui. After the ascent we walk through a thicket of metre tall bushes towards our place to spend the night, El Penon. El Penon is a huge boulder under which there is enough space for all of us including our sleeping bags.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 4: Ascent to the Auyán-tepui

Our path leads us through a stony countryside and through a wild network of roots up to the steep wall of the table mountain. Along this wall we get to a huge rift leading us onto the table mountain (mesa). Climbing above big rocks we reach the edge of the plateau. Noon, we rest at the rock El Libertador. Continuing our travel across the table mountain we reach the rock El Oso after ~8 hours under which we can roll out our sleeping bags.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 5: Campo Elcho

Hiking from El Oso across huge plates of rock down to a little tributary of the Churn. We continue into the valley of the Churun river where we again meet the jungle. After 4 hours, at noon, arrival in Campo Lecho. Who wants may accompany our guide to the Boca de Dragon where the Churun seeps away in the Auyán-tepui and comes back into sight after 500 metres.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 6: Back to El Oso

We hike back to El Oso. In the afternoon there is time to explore the surrounding of El Oso.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 7: El Penon

Today we continue travelling downhill to El Penon for ~6 hours where we can take another refreshing bath under the waterfall.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 8: Descent to Kavac

Passing through El Danto we wander back to Guarayaca where we rest at noon. In the afternoon, we cross the Rió Ocone heading to Kavac reaching it after 9 hours altogether. The path leads us directly along the foot of the Auyán-tepui.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 9: Kavac – Ciudad Bolívar

Breakfast and relaxing in Kavac. In the afternoon leaves our return flight from Kavac to Ciudad Bolívar (in the case we were not able to fly above the Angel Fall during the flight to Kavac, we try this during the return flight).

(Breakfast / Lunch / -)

Price 9 days / 8 nights 990 US$

approx. price per person, minimum 4 Persons

What is included?

  • Transfer by plane from Ciudad Bolívar to Kavac
  • Experienced Spanish, English, French and German speaking guide
  • Tents
  • All meals during the trek (8x breakfast, 9x lunch, 8x dinner)
  • Water and cold drinks
  • Porters for tents, food, water and cooking gear
  • First aid kit

What is not included?

  • Porters to carry your personal baggage (must be paid for separately)
  • Sleeping bags (rentable)
  • Ground mats (rentable)
  • Ground mats (rentable)Breakfast in Ciudad Bolívar on Day 1 before the hike and dinner on Day 9 after the hike.

What you need to bring

  • Identification documents
  • Sleeping bag (suitable for night temperature of +2°C, rentable)
  • Ground mats (rentable)
  • Comfortable hiking boots
  • Mosquito repellant and sun-block
  • Waterproof coat
  • Warm clothes for the evening (fleece jacket, gloves, hat, long trousers and shirt)
  • Swimming costume
  • Camera, flashlight and spare batteries
  • Snacks/sweets
  • Personal water bottle
  • Travel and accident insurance (in case of emergency it is possible to arrange helicopter medical evacuation at your expense)

Open-mindedness towards the native people and the fellow travellers is necessary.