8 days round trip: Adventure East

This tour starting in Caracas will show you Venezuela’s highlights in the East: The Orinoco Delta, one of the largest deltas in the world – with its still largely traditionally living indigenous tribes, the unique Guyanese massif with its mesas and its unique endemic flora and fauna (“Galápagos of botany”), the Canaima National Park, with its beautifull laggons and waterfalls and the highest waterfall in the world – the Angel Falls. You will also visit the colonial center of Ciudad Bolívar – UNESCO Heritage and the historic heart of Venezuela – and spend the night there.

Explore the Orinoco Delta in dugout canoe The Orinoco Eco Camp Hoatzin bird (Opisthocomus hoazin) in the Orinoco Delta Canaima viewed from the air Waterfall in the Canaima Lagoon Angel Falls viewed from river Angel Falls Historical zone of Ciudad Bolívar

Daily Itinerary

Day 1

Arriving at International Airport in Caracas. Pickup and transfer to a small, safe and clean hotel close to the Airport. Overnight stay.

(- / - / -)

Day 2

Pickup from the hotel, transfer to the National Airport Caracas (or to the Airport at Porlamar if you’re already on Isla Margarita). Flight from Caracas or Margarita to Maturín. Transfer to the Port of San José de Buja. Here our tour begins into the Orinoco Delta. We will negotiate our way through the river on our journey to the Orinoco Eco Camp.

When we arrive, there will be a small tour of the camp to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and we will provide you with a presentation explaining the aims, goals and achievements of our ecological camp inside the delta. After you have made yourselves at home, we can provide you with poles and bait the hooks with raw meat to fish for piraña. If you catch one, our kitchen can prepare it for a snack.

After lunch we take a boat and explore the surrounding jungle. We will take you through some of the small channels inside the delta where you can get a feel for the natural habitat. There will be many opportunities to observe the wildlife in the area. There are macaws, toucans, howler monkeys, dolphins and butterflies with a variety of colours. There is also a collection of flora indigenous to the Orinoco delta.

Towards the end of this trip we will stop the boat at an ideal location and serve some refreshments as you enjoy a beautiful sun setting on the horizon of the Orinoco delta. After sunset we take you back to the camp for dinner and socialising. There will be an option for a night trip to search the nocturnal world of alligators and snakes. This will be available before or after dinner depending on river conditions.

(- / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 3

In the morning, after breakfast we take a full day travelling around the delta by boat. We will visit the Warao indians and learn about this native South American tribal community. After a light lunch, a Warao guide will locate an ideal place in the jungle where you will take a walk and get a feeling of life inside this unforgiving environment. You will notice pungent odours weaving their way through a tapestry of crawling plants and giant trees racing towards the sky for sunlight. A perfect non-human system in an imperfect human world. At sunset we will return to the camp for dinner.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 4

Early in the morning we are often woken by the calls of howler monkeys communicating across the jungle. At this time we will give you the chance to go on the river in a hand crafted dug out canoe. Here we will give you oars and a pilot to assist you in a short venture where you can experience the dawning of a sunrise on the Orinoco Delta. This is a time when the environment prepares itself for the coming heat of the sun and is often the best time to observe the wildlife.

Our camp is the only camp located on a natural reserve and inside virgin jungle. Whereas 3/4 of the delta is savanna and gallery jungle. After breakfast we will take you to see this landscape. Here you will get the chance to visit a small farm and increase your perspective of the delta environment. You can observe a different wildlife including egrets, water buffalo, horn screamer´s, black ibis etc.

We serve lunch and after a short rest we return to San José de Buja. From there we will take you by car or van to a hotel placed in the Colonial part of Ciudad Bolívar.

(Breakfast / Lunch / -)

Day 5

Early in the morning we will pick you up from the hotel to the airport of Ciudad Bolívar, from where you will take off in a small aircraft to Canaima. The flight takes about one hour and on a clear day you have excellent views over Gran Sabana. After you leave your bag in your accommodation near the airstrip, you begin to explore the incredible Canaima Lagoon. We will cross the Lagoon in motorized dugout canoes closely to the four waterfalls that empty into it. After a small walk we will reach the Sapo Falls where we will go behind the huge curtain of water falling into the Sapito Lagoon.

Later in the day, you have a hot meal in your hostel by the lagoon and relax in preparation for the trip to Angel Falls the following day.

(- / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 6

After an early morning light breakfast, the excursion begins with a four hour trip along the Carrao River in a motorised Indian canoe. In the dry season is it possible that you will have to carry the boat for a little where the water level is low. As you enter the Devil’s Canyon you have stunning views of the flat-topped table mountains. Then the hike to the Falls begins at Ratoncito Island and after about 90 minutes, you arrive at the base of the world’s highest waterfall – Angel Falls. You eat lunch by the river and you can swim in the refreshingly cold water that forms a pool at the bottom of the falls. After exploring for the rest of the day, you have a hot dinner and spend the night in a hammock in the camp opposite the falls.

(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Day 7

After breakfast back to the village of Canaima by dugout canoe. After lunch take off to Ciudad Bolívar and pickup to our hotel in the Colonial Center(Unesco worldheritage). Overnight.

(Breakfast / Lunch / -)

Day 8

Transfer by car or van to Puerto Ordaz and flight to Margarita or Caracas.

(Breakfast / - / -)

Price 8 days / 7 nights 595 US$

approx. price per person, minimum 4 Persons

What is included?

  • Multilingual guidance
  • Transportation, flights
  • All meals and nonalcoholic drinks during the excursions

What is not included?

  • Entry in the National Park
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Airport taxes
  • Tips

What you need to bring

  • Valid passport
  • Repellent
  • Sunblocker
  • Possibly photo equipment
  • Short clothes (shorts, t-shirts)
  • One set of long clothes (long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, jacket)
  • Hiking shoes/sneakers and trekking sandals
  • Swimming clothes
  • Soft bag for the excursion to Angel Falls (max 12 kg)

Open-mindedness towards the native people and the fellow travellers is necessary.